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Liability waiver
Please read below carefully and acknowledge your agreement to all of the statements with your signature at the end:
Liability Waiver:

I consent to my own and/or child to participate in any or all of NS Gymnastics Pte Ltd's (herein NorthStar) programmes and accept all risks associated with this participation.

I and/or my child are aware that engaging in physical exercise (including but not limited to gymnastics, trampoline, tumbling and cheerleading), and the use of equipment during the course of training and instruction can result in injuries (including permanent paralysis and

I agree to waive any and all claims or rights I may otherwise have to sue or otherwise bring action against NorthStar, its respective management, directors, coaches, employees, contractors or representatives for any injury to me/my child as a result of or incurred during the course of these activities.

I declare that I have consulted my and/or my child’s doctor prior to joining NorthStar’s programme, and I and/or my child has/have been cleared by the doctor to participate.

In an event of an accident or emergency, I hereby permit NorthStar to seek medical treatment for me and/or my child directly if I cannot be reached immediately. I also agree that all medical and related costs shall be borne by me.

Photo/Video Release & Waiver:

I am fully aware that photos or videos may be taken from time to time during the programme, events and competitions, and hereby grant my permission for mine and/or my child’s likeness to be used for official purposes which may include, but is not limited to, in training aid and for NorthStar’s publicity in promotional materials in any media formats and platforms for an unlimited time. I release NorthStar from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of said photos/videos, including but not limited to, any and all claims for invasion of privacy, defamation, or financial compensation.

Purchase Policy:

One-time membership registration is a pre-requisite for participation in any NorthStar programmes. Adult students are exempted. Membership and packages are strictly not transferrable, not refundable. Packages can only be used by the member, and cannot be shared.

Packages must be purchased strictly before the start of each package. Classes are sold as single sessions if otherwise.

Each package is valid strictly for 3 months and non-extendable. Left-hour classes / hours at the end of the package will be forfeited. Only exception applies to medical reason whereby the medical certificate covering the period of the missed class(es) must be submitted.

Re-membership registration required after continuous break of one year. 

Class & Cancellation Policy:

Class registration is on first-come-first serve basis, subject to space availability and the Head Coach’s recommendation. Students are to attend their scheduled classes in accordance to the class type purchased only.

A student’s scheduled slot will be released automatically for booking 1 week after the expiry or completion of the package unless secured with package renewal prior.

For self-booking of adults classes online or via the app, any cancellations must be made 2 hours before the start of the classes; otherwise when there's a no-show, the session will be counted as consumed and deducted from the package automatically. Therefore, only book the class that you can attend. 

NorthStar reserves right to cancel any classes or change the schedule (time and date). These are usually due to special events such as competitions, coaches workshops etc. Cancellations are within the buffer period, hence make-ups are to be arranged accordingly if required for the completion of the classes before package expiry. There are no regular lessons on government gazetted public holidays, eve of Christmas and Chinese New Year, as well as NorthStar’s gym breaks. These are within the buffer period, hence make-ups are to be arranged accordingly if required for the completion of the classes before package expiry.

Make-up lesson is subject to space availability of a class suitable for the student’s level. Pre-booking is strictly required. Make-up(s) must be done before the package expiry. A maximum of 2 make-ups are allowed per package.

General Terms & Conditions:
Participant(s) and member(s) shall adhere to the above rules & regulations, and comply with the directions of NorthStar. NorthStar reserves all rights, including but is not limited to, on membership registration, sale of any products & services, and all the services & classes offered. A latest copy of the Terms & Conditions is available at

I, the parent / legal guardian of the gymnast registered, declare that all the information provided by me to NS Gymnastics Pte. Ltd. is true, and I have not wilfully suppressed any material information. I have read and understand this assumption of risk, waiver of liability, medical authorization and photo / video release, and I voluntarily affix my name in agreement. I agree to NorthStar’s liability waivers. I further confirm that I have read, fully understood and agree with the Terms & Conditions. A latest copy of the Terms & Conditions is available at

I agree to the NorthStar Gymnastics and Fitness liability waiver

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