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• That the practice of the techniques that are taught in Natha Yogacenter courses are beneficial for most people and will lead to the improvement of the general state of health. However, I am aware that Natha Yogacenter do not recommend people who suffer from severe mental issues - like schizophrenia and psychosis - to join Natha Yogacenter’s courses as this might have negative effects on their health.
• That some of the techniques taught are counter indicated in the case of certain medical conditions.
• I acknowledge that, it is my responsibility to consult with my teacher in the case I am suffering from any of the above conditions.
• That the practice of yoga, tantra and meditation is a matter of personal choice.
• That Natha declines responsibility for any of the consequences deriving from the incorrect practice of any given technique or method taught in the courses and events.
• That Natha Yogacenter follows a yogic code of conduct, that does not condone any sexual harassment or misbehaviour. That in case I will ever feel inappropriately treated by staff, teachers or students I will signal it directly to my teacher, or on phone 2396 0668 or [email protected]

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