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Liability waiver
USAGE AGREEMENT AND LIABILTY WAIVER I wish to utilize the services of pure body studio and agree to comply with its posted rules and regulations and I further agree to pay in advance for all classes (reference to classes in this Agreement includes all of its sessions, activities and services) I enroll in or attend in accordance with posted rates in effect from time to time. I understand that I will not be allowed to utilize the studio until I have executed this Agreement. All clients are strongly encouraged to have a complete physical examination by a medical doctor prior to beginning any workout program or new or strenuous activity. If I have a history of heart disease or other known health condition, I agree to consult a physician before becoming utilizing the studio. I sign this Agreement on my behalf and on behalf of my minor children who may visit the studio (including those named above). I represent and warrant that any health history and other information I provide to the studio is accurate and complete. All adult guests may be requested to present a valid ID to verify date of birth. All children (i.e. guests under 18 years of age) must be accompanied on the premises by an adult sponsoring client who is at least 18 years of age except when enrolled in and actually attending children’s class. The studio does not assume any liability for children except to the extent and during their participation in children’s classes they are enrolled in and such liability is limited as otherwise provided in this Agreement. No Weapons of any kind (as may be determined by Pure Body Studio in its sole discretion), including, but not limited to firearms, are allowed in the studio at any time or for any reason. The studio may deny access to anyone at anytime. ASSUMPTION OF RISK: I understand that there is an inherent risk of injury, whether caused by me or someone else, in the use of or presence at the studio, the use of equipment and services at the studio, and participation in programs. This includes, but is not limited to, Pilates, yoga, stretching, cardiovascular and resistance training, children classes, personal training and nutrition classes and other classes. This risk includes, but is not limited to: 1) Injuries arising from the use of the studio or equipment, including any Injuries arising from participation in supervised or unsupervised classes or accidental or "slip and fall" injuries at or about (within or outside) the studio (reference to the studio means and includes the actual studio premises and any other area where it conducts business); 2) Injuries or medical disorders resulting from exercise or stretching including, but not limited to heart attacks, strokes, heart stress, broken bones and torn muscles or ligaments; or from the actions taken (or not taken) or decisions made regarding medical or survival procedures; and 3) Injuries or damages resulting from or relating to children I am responsible for (the studio assumes no liability to supervise children at the studio when not enrolled in and actually attending those children’s sessions). I understand and voluntarily accept this risk. I assume all risk of injury, whether physical or mental, as well as all risk of loss, damages caused by theft or damage of personal property whether using any or its lockers, equipment or services or participating in classes regardless of location. RELEASE OF LIABILITY I waive any and all claims or actions that may arise against BodyStudios, LLC, a Texas limited liability company, doing business as pure body studio, its affiliates, contractors, successors and assigns (collectively, "pure body studio"), including each party's owners, directors, managers, employees, independent contractors and volunteers as a result of, relating to or arising from any such injury, loss, theft or damage to any such person including and without limitation, personal, bodily or mental injury, economic loss or any damage to me, my spouse, my children, or guests resulting from the negligence of pure body studio or anyone else in the premises whether relating to the classes or otherwise. I agree to defend, indemnify and hold pure body studio harmless against any claims arising out of the negligent or willful acts or omissions of me, my guests or children (or other minors who accompany me to the studio). I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ABOVE INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY, AND I HAVE RECEIVED A COMPLETE COPY OF THIS AGREEMENT. By checking the box below I have agreed to all of the terms above.
I agree to the Pure Body Studio liability waiver

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