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Liability waiver
I hereby affirm that I am in good physical condition and do not suffer from any disability that would prevent or limit my participation in any training sessions taken with the staff of Real Results Fitness.

Therefore, as a precondition to being granted permission to participate in any group training session or personal training session with the staff and instructors of the Real Results Fitness, each participant shall read the agreement set forth below in order to make an educated choice to participate or not participate. Your signature will signify your recognition of the possible health risks involved and your informed consent to them.

To that end, and before releasing the staff and instructors of the Real Results Fitness from all actions, claims, or demands related to any injury you may sustain as a result of participating in its training classes, please give serious consideration to the possible ramifications. You should understand that the causes of possible injury are many, kickboxing, boxing and all boot camp style training sessions are high impact dangerous activities but among them are: injury from bodily contact, incidental to or inherent in the nature of the sport; slipping, falling, or tripping on the training surface, regardless of its physical or environmental conditions; injury from warming up, practicing, or training; injury due to supervision by the staff of and instructors of the Real Results Fitness from (or lack thereof) regarding the use of training equipment or tools or to the nature of the sport itself.

IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT to know his or her own general state of health and well-being, and therefore to be able to certify knowledgeably that he or she is physically fit to participate in a personal or group training session with the staff and instructors of the Real Results Fitness. Before starting this or any other exercise program, always consult your doctor.

IT IS ALSO THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANT to have health insurance coverage sufficient to provide for medical or dental services and/or equipment required to treat any injury, minor or catastrophic, sustained or incurred as a result of participating in a training session the staff and instructors of the Real Results Fitness, and to certify that such insurance coverage is held.

In checking the box below I agree that is in no way responsible for the safekeeping of my personal belongings while I attend class. I understand that classes at may be physically strenuous and I voluntarily participate in them with full knowledge that there is a risk of personal injury, property loss or death. I agree that neither I, my heirs, assigns or legal representatives will sue or make any other claims of any kind whatsoever against or its members for any personal injury, property damage/loss, or wrongful death, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

I hereby affirm that I have read fully, understand and agree with the above statements.

I agree to the Real Results Fitness liability waiver

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