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I acknowledge and agree that during such times as I am on the premises of PrimeFit 24/7 that both my property and my person shall be at my own risk in every respect and hereby disclaim and release PrimeFit 24/7 and its occupier, employees, volunteers and invitees to the full extent permitted by the law whether in contact or in tort, and whether arising out of any negligence by any person or otherwise, and from all my liability of any kind which may arise in respect to any accidents or damage to property or injury to any person on PrimeFit 24/7.
I warrant that I am in good health, fitness and physical condition and that there is no medical reason whatsoever that could be regarded as a restriction upon an impediment to my application for membership.
In the event that any infant, minor or mentally or physically impaired person under my control shall accompany me to PrimeFit 24/7, and that person suffers any personal injury or loss of property, then I shall indemnify PrimeFit 24/7 and its occupier, employees, volunteers and invitees against all and any claims, demands and actions made by or on behalf of the said infant, minor or impaired person in respect of any injury or loss.
I agree to the Total Worx Health and Fitness liability waiver

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